Harry Potter Randomness!

Posted on April 28, 2012


Before we begin, I would like to show you this video of puppets:

*ahem* In any case.

I suppose by now you, with your Holmes-ian powers of intellect and observation, have guessed the topic of this Geek-Rant. The first clue was in the title: the pattern of letters made an odd sequence that started your mind working a mile a minute to formulate a theory. The second clue was in minute, subtle sound cues and visual “clicks” in the video.

Hence, you have gained confidence enough to pronounce your theory and test its validity.

And you stand, with your epic trench coat flowing in the wind, your scarf whipping like a flag, the light from the streetlamps glinting off of your enormous cheekbones. You point a finger at your computer, at this blog post, and in a cry to be equated with “EUREKA!” you declare:


And you are satisfied, because YOU ARE CORRECT.

Now, most of this Geek-Rant so far has been about Sherlock, that epic TV show that everyone needs to see. But that’s for another time.

Now to turn our attention back to Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is that one special breed of book that’s popular because it’s genuinely good, not because it has sparkly vampires or melodramatic “NUU IM DANGEROUSE” nonsense. It’s good. The only reason people often don’t read it is because of the ridiculous controversy it receives from the Homeschool Parents community. But I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to talk about how awesome it is.

Who here has played Pottermore? I’d like a show of hands. Okay, you, you, and that’s about it. Truth is, only a measly 2,231,860 people have played it. I mean, sure, that’s like an entire quarter of the population of New York, or two Dallas’s, or almost a full Los Angeles. But not enough people have discovered its magics.

If you do not know what it is THEN YOU CANNOT CALL YOURSELF A FAN OF HARRY POTTER. Check it out here: http://www.pottermore.com/ Immediately. Like, right now. I’ll wait.

It’s an internet companion to Harry Potter, even if it only has the first book on it. You can unlock special inside material and stuff by exploring various scenes from the chapters. For instance, you can get some awesome material about Professor McGonagall from clicking about in one of the scenes.

But it’s not just a companion to the books. You can also brew potions, perform spells, get sorted into a house (SLYTHERIN?? HOW THE HOGSMEADE DID I GET SLYTHERIN??) and earn points. You can even get your own pet and stuff.

So, yeah. Pottermore is awesome. As is Potter Puppet Pals. And Harry Potter in general.


That’s my first attempt at a Geek-Rant. That was the best example I could conjure up (heh, conjure–see, it…it’s funny…because it’s a pun…) and I hope it wasn’t boring or confusing or way too short or anything.

Feedback appreciated!

Random question: Who here is going to see The Avengers? I’m going to the midnight premier with my brother. It’s going to be AWESOME.

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