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Posted on May 4, 2012


The Avengers: Review by AuthorGeek

Okay, I’m a little fuzzy on the details, as I had been awake since 6:00 when I came home from the midnight premier of The Avengers, but I’m pretty sure that that was the best movie ever of all time ever.

The Avengers…it…I…words cannot describe the awesome. It had so many things. I mean, yeah, it was a movie, and movies by definition have things, but this one…this movie’s things were more awesome than any other movie’s things. This movie’s things were bred and biochemically formed in Epic Laboratories, infused with the same kind of super-serum as Captain America, and passed by the International Board of Awesome.

I don’t want this to be spoilerific, but to quote a wise cucumber, “I laughed, I cried…it moved me, Bob.”

The exposition could not have been done better. Character development was key for the conflict that lay ahead, because the Avengers were more often fighting among themselves than fighting the bad guys. You find yourself anticipating the arrival of the next Avenger, if you’ve watched any of the mentioned characters’ movies (Iron Man and its sequel, Thor, and Captain America).

And the final fight scene for the fate of the world! So many awesome moments in that fight scene. I do not exaggerate when I say that there were at least six moments when everyone clapped because something awesome happened.

There are several points in the movie when you think “Wow, this could not be any more awesome.” And then it gets more awesome.

The movie itself was like its heroes, in many ways. Like the Hulk, we all know what happens when the movie gets up and rolling. We all anticipate it, tensing up when it’s evident that the movie’s true colors might–might–break through. And then, inevitably, they do, in one of the most amazing action scenes I’ve ever seen.

Like Captain America, it’s a high-powered movie that seriously kicks butt, but it has true spirit and good old-fashioned guts. And like Thor, it’s got its classic roots, its mythology, its fancy weapons, its convictions. But I feel that the metaphor that would most aptly describe the movie would be Iron Man–and not just because he was my favorite Avenger.

This movie has wit, pizzaz, flair, and a hidden heart of gold. The big-budget film takes itself seriously when it needs to and points and laughs at itself when it fits. The jokes and that’s-so-awesome-it’s-almost-funny scenes were dispersed well enough to be appropriate but just close enough together to keep our interest and to remind us of what it is. It knows it’s great, and that’s part of why it’s great. But it also knows where it comes from. It recognizes its fans and caters to them, and brings in a few more along the way.

Go see The Avengers. Do it. It perfectly ties together the previous Marvel movies and thus elevates itself to more than just another midnight premiere. It’s an event. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that WE! WANT! MORE!

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