Messy Mondays (and, well, Top Gear)

Posted on May 7, 2012


If you haven’t found the wonder of Messy Mondays, the link to the channel is here:

Blimeycow is awesome. In any case.

That is my evangelism for the week. Last week it was Harry Potter and The Avengers, spreading their awesomeness to the earth, but this week it will only be Blimeycow, I swear.

Wait. Wait. And Top Gear. The British version. The American one is actually about cars. And how boring is that? British Top Gear is about cars, yeah, I guess, but really it’s just an excuse to set car washes on fire, say odd Chuck Norris-esque facts about a faceless man, and be terrified of monkeys.

Okay, this is my real evangelism for the week. If you haven’t found the wonder of…British Top Gear…then go. Conquer. It’s on Netflix. You will never look at orangutans, hamsters, or cocker spaniels the same way again. Really.

And on that bombshell, it’s time to end my Monday post. Good night!

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