Mothers’ Day…

Posted on May 12, 2012


This isn’t just another post about how moms are more important than dads, they do all the work, if they were paid for their services they’d all be billionaires, blah blah blah.

This is a post about how wonderful mothers really are.

We all forget how important mothers are to us. If you are a teenager reading this on your laptop in your clean house while you wear your clean clothes that your mother has probably washed for you and eat a meal your mother cooked for you, remember all the times you yelled at your mother. Seriously? Seriously?

But it all goes away on Mothers’ Day. Every time you yelled at her, whined when you did something she asked you to do, complained when she cooked yet another spaghetti dinner–that is all negated by the actions on Mothers’ Day.

This is your big chance! Go out and buy a fancy jewelry box (if your mom’s like that) or a book detailing the Theory of Relativity (if your mom’s like that), and pick out the mushiest card you can get. Bingo! You’re all set until next year, when you have to cover another twelve months’ of complaining.

Oh, you college students and adults who haven’t talked to your mother in years aren’t unqualified for the magic of Mothers’ Day! You, too, can enjoy the Mom-satisfaction reward of mail-ordering her roses, chocolates, and a card on that sacred Day in May. Once you’ve done that, you can lean back, sigh in relief, and think to yourself, Yep. That oughta hold her for a month or so. Then I’ll start getting the FaceBook posts complaining that I never call. Think of it as a four-week vacation!

Yes, your mother deserves the best on Mothers’ Day, and only Mothers’ Day. Because it is only on Mothers’ Day that you can actually remember that she’s there, and all that she’s done for you.

Except…that’s not the point of Mothers’ Day, is it?

We all treat it like the only day in the year that we can actually appreciate what our moms have done for us. We think that if we give our mothers a piece of folded paper with some words on it, some already-dead reproductive organs of a plant, and a piece of chain with a chunk of carbon set in two crossing pieces of silver–on one Sunday in spring–then we’ve shown all the appreciation moms deserve. Is that really the case?

I’m not saying don’t celebrate Mothers’ Day. I already have a plan. For once in our lives, my brother and I are going to clean her house and cook her dinner instead of her doing the same for us. What I’m actually saying is this–

If mothers are so important…why do they get one day out of the year? Why not all 365.25?

Here’s my challenge. Treat every day like it’s Mothers’ Day. I know, I know, your budget can’t hold a dozen roses a day. I mean…all the withholding of shouting because it’s Mothers’ Day, all the withstanding of nagging because it’s Mothers’ Day, all the compliments and little good deeds and calling just to see how she is because it’s Mothers’ Day–do that on May 14th as well. And the 15th. And the 16th. And through all of June and July and August and fall and winter.

Why does Mom get just one day?

This year, give your mom more than just one day. For Mothers’ Day, give her every other day, too.

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